About the fund

The project "Gift to an Angel" was founded on August 4, 2014 by a mother who is raising a special need baby to help children with cerebral palsy. The project was created to make the family with children with special needs a little happier. The founders know firsthand how hard it is sometimes for parents of such kids to find money for simple children's desires and needs: toys, construction kits, development textbooks, because all money, as a rule, goes to medicines and handicap devices.
After a wide public response, caused by the project for a year of work, the staff decided to give the cause a second chance. "Gift to an Angel" was registered as the Charity Fund "Gift to an Angel", which successfully continues its activities and is today one of the most prominent charitable organizations in Russia.


Anastasia Prikazchikova
Ekaterina Markushina
Manager for special projects
Eugenia Serikova
PR - manager
Elvira Baloyants
Manager for work with families
"Gift to an Angel" is entirely aimed at ensuring that children who faced the disease acquire an unconditional world of simple childhood! We are still a very young fund, but very warm and sympathetic. Every child who we help is a whole world for us.
We try to take into account all the needs of the family with such a baby and, if possible, to help not only with the gift but also with funds, leisure organization, assistance in everyday life and even with a simple human advice.


Nadya Ruchka
The Board member
Actress, singer, poetess
Jeanne Epple
The Board member
Actress of theatre and cinema, TV presenter
Irina Ortman
The Board member
Singer, TV presenter, actress, vocal teacher
Александр Фадеев (Данко)
The Board member
Singer and actor
Sergey Kutergin
The Board member
Comedy Club Resident
Dmitry Chugunov
The Board member
Member of the Public Chamber of Russia Founder of the project stop a douchebag project
Артём Яманов
The Board member
Senior Vice President of Tinkoff Bank
Владислав Маленко
The Board member
Поэт, режиссёр
Дарья Храмцова
The Board member
Актриса, журналист, основатель детской центральной киношколы "Detikino"
Бахтияр Алиев (Bahh Tee)
The Board member
Певец, композитор, поэт, продюсер
George Zhukov
The Board member
Producer, showman, director
Дмитрий Нестеров
The Board member
Actor and musician
Galina Tikhonova
The founder of the project "Gift to the Angel"
Mom of a beautiful special baby

Our Friends

Калиманова Катерина
Коваленко Анна
Фатеева Ксения
Маркус Лодох
Онишко Анастасия
Аликова Лилия
Шулина Наталья
Механошина Анна
Тео Блэйд
Величанская Юлия
Дим Дизиль
Ден и Кэт Шкедовы
Елизавета Клауде
Топольскова Альбина
Тая Кожина
Ульяна Бердышева
Злата Жукова


Account details
Beneficiary - Children Charity Fund Gift to an Angel
TIN - 9705083059
CRR - 775043002 BIC - 044525999
Correspondent account - 30101810845250000999 in the Central Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District Settlement account - 40703810101500000067
BANK - Branch of the Public Joint Stock Company, the Bank "Financial Corporation Otkritie"
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Dear Parents!
We inform you that the receipt of new applications under the programs "Rehabilitation" and "Assistance to families" will open in January 2018, for other programs the fund continues to accept applications.