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Zakirzyanova Azaliya
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  • Age: 2 y.o
  • Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy in the form of spastic tetraparesis, partial optic atrophy, hip dysplasia
  • Dream:
  • Program: Реабилитации
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There were no signs of alarm. Azaliya was born with a weight of 4,220 kg. After birth, the palpitation began to fall, and Azaliya had hypoxia. After she spent 8 days in a coma and a month and a half had controlled respiration. The doctors said that if the girl survived, it would be very difficult. Luckily, Azaliya survived. Up to one year, the diagnosis was perinatal injury of the central nervous system, and after cerebral palsy in the form of spastic tetraparesis. Azalea is 2 and a half years old, but, unfortunately, she does not know anything yet: neither sit, nor roll over, nor crool, she even holds her head every other time. And we want so much Azaliya to see, to look at this world, to feel and understand everything. She does not hold objects, does not fix her eyes and does not look at anyone.


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Beneficiary - Children Charity Fund Gift to an Angel
TIN - 9705083059
CRR - 775043002 BIC - 044525999
Correspondent account - 30101810845250000999 in the Central Bank of Russia in the Central Federal District Settlement account - 40703810101500000067
BANK - Branch of the Public Joint Stock Company, the Bank "Financial Corporation Otkritie"
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