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Moving is living

Nikita Mazepin, Russian Formula 1 driver and member of the Board of Trustees of The Gift to an Angel Charity Foundation, advocates for inclusivity in sports.

Nikita and the foundation launched the Formula of Freedom project, a karting school for racers with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities.

You can also become part of our team by making a one-time donation or signing up for a regular payment.

All donations will be used for the karting school and to purchase specialized rehabilitation equipment for children with cerebral palsy.

Formula of Freedom is a karting school for racers with cerebral palsy and other motor disabilities

Our goals
  • Socialization through active participation in the life of the karting club, communication with like-minded people and mentors.
  • Accessibility increasing of motorsports by creating a community of drivers.
  • Popularization of motorsport and positioning karting as an accessible sport. Raising public awareness about people with motor disabilities.

Why is it important?

  • Rehabilitation

    Regular karting can be an essential part of the rehabilitation process for people with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders.

  • Socialization

    Active participation in racing community life contributes to the socialization of people with disabilities and their integration into society.

  • Competitions

    Regular competitions for drivers with cerebral palsy and other motor disorders can be an excellent example of inclusion development in sports and draw public attention.

  • Career

    Many famous Formula 1 drivers started their careers in karting. Formula of Freedom offers a way from the environment of restrictions into the boundless world of racing.

Formula of Freedom members

Ivan BakaidovThe ideological inspiration of the Formula of Freedom karting club.23 years old, cerebral palsy.Programmer, blogger.

Ivan regularly goes karting and has already passed the standard for a racing license. He is engaged in obtaining a driver's license, has experience in flying an aircraft as a co-pilot, rides a tricycle. He has been living iяndependently in a rented apartment for 2 years, earning money on various projects.

  • Gleb Begletsov20 years old, cerebral palsy

    He is a student at ITMO University. Gleb is professionally engaged in the Paralympic sport of Boccia and is a member of the city's national team. Karting gives him incredible emotions.

  • Daria Zakharova23 years old, cerebral palsy

    She is a specialist in adaptive physical culture. In her spare time, she is engaged in self-development. After the first karting race, she felt that karting is an intense new experience.

  • Daria Garbuzova19 years old, cerebral palsy

    She studies in college and is engaged in precise orientation, loves to travel. Karting attracts her with its extreme nature and the opportunity for self-expression.

  • Sergei Pyatnitsa19 years old, cerebral palsy

    He is a student of the polytechnical college. Sergey studies web and application development. He has been driving a kart for 1 year.

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