About the Foundation

In 2014, the charitable project «Gift to an Angel» was created to help children with cerebral palsy. Volunteers fulfilled the dreams of special children, becoming Wizards. After a wide public response and joining of a large number of philanthropists, the Charitable Foundation for Children «Gift to an Angel» was founded, which became engaged in systemic assistance to children with cerebral palsy and central nervous system lesions. The Foundation refused one-time payment for rehabilitation and undertook a mission to help children with cerebral palsy through the patronage system. Over the years, the foundation has helped over 5,600 children in four charitable programs.
REHABILITATION – Assistance in the passage and payment for physical and logopedic rehabilitation in partner centers: the "April" rehabilitation center, as well as the rehabilitation center based at the "Polyany" sanatorium under the Presidential Affairs Department.
ASSISTANCE TO FAMILIES – Providing financial assistance for the purchase of specialized technical means of rehabilitation and household appliances for low-income or single-parent families.
MONTHLY ASSISTANCE – Providing humanitarian assistance to children in need of monthly packages (personal care products, special food, medicines) from low-income or single-parent families.
ASSISTANCE TO CHILDREN – Providing financial assistance in the purchase of educational toys, including sports complexes, specialized clothing, furniture and other necessary things to low-income or single-parent families.
IT CLASS – Pilot education program for teaching teenagers with cerebral palsy to work in the graphic editors, web-design, video editing.
Each year, the fund implements more than 25 projects together with partners. This allows us to attract new audiences to the fund. In 2018 the foundation conducted a large-scale social campaign «Spasibo», which attracted more than 155,000 benefactors to the site podarokangelu.com
In the period from January 2018 to August 2019, 20.2 million rubles were attracted to assist the wards of the Fund. Assistance received 1465 wards, 106 children undergo rehabilitation on a system basis in the studios of the "Gift to an Angel".


Evgeniya Serikova
Project manager
Elvira Baloyants
Family Coordinator
Olga Lukyanova
Michael Ginsburg
Partner Relationship
Maria Semenikhina
Grant Manager


Marina Gevorkyan
The Board member
CEO and owner of Snob Media
Elena Nikolaeva
The Board member
Journalist, TV presenter of "Russia" TV channel, author of "Expert" magazine, interviewer of "Snob" magazine, writer
Alexander Akopov
The Board member
Producer, co-founder of COSMOS studio, president of the Academy of Russian Television Foundation
Teona Dolnikova
The Board member
Theater and film actress, singer
Alexander Semin
The Board member
Creative Director of ASI, Founder of the What if Semin advertising agency, board member of the “Vera” Hospice Aid Foundation, director
Nadya Ruchka
The Board member
Actress, singer, poetess
Andrej Buzina
The Board member
Founder of Smetana Advertising Agency, author of the project #Font of Kindness
Anton Lavrentiev
The Board member
Russian musician, singer, actor, TV and radio host.
Jeanne Epple
The Board member
Actress of theatre and cinema, TV presenter
Irina Ortman
The Board member
Singer, TV presenter, actress, vocal teacher
Sergey Kutergin
The Board member
Comedy Club Resident
Yamanov Artem
The Board member
Senior Vice President of Tinkoff Bank
Vlad Topalov
The Board member
Musician and actor
Roman Arkhipov
The Board member
Musician, Producer, Composer
Nesterov Dmitry
The Board member
Actor and musician
Darya Khramtsova
The Board member
Russian actress, founder of the cinema school "Deti Kino"
Galina Tikhonova
The founder of the project "Gift to the Angel"
Mom of a beautiful special baby



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