NEWS AND EVENTS about charitable Beauty Day for mothers of special children
16.12.2016, 17:57

An open "Beauty Day" for mothers of disabled children was organized in the salon of the manicure and pedicure "Fingers" by the Charity Foundation Gift to an Angel together with the "Fingers" network. During the day, the mothers of special children were able to get manicure and pedicure absolutely for free from the best nail technicians of the salon network "Fingers", as well as hairstyles from the stylists of the premium American brand for hair care ALOXXI.

The event was attended by singer Irina Ortman, singer Danko, actress Elena Zakharova, singer Angelica Frolova.

The Charity Foundation Gift to an Angel organizes the "Beauty Day" for mothers of special children for the second year in Moscow. The event is aimed at supporting and socializing mothers of disabled children, whose attention is fully devoted to caring for a special child.

Actors, princes and an Arab sheikh who married a waitresses "For more than two years we help children with cerebral palsy to undergo rehabilitation courses and to believe that dreams come true. During the time of the Foundation's existence, we have made more than 4,000 children happy by fulfilling their most cherished desires. However, their mothers, whose daily work can not be overemphasized, always remained in the background. As a rule, in families with a child with cerebral palsy grows, all money and attention go to maintaining the health of the child, and mothers can rarely afford pleasant female procedures. Therefore, we want them too to be treated and to feel themselves attractive again!" - says the founder of the Foundation Anastasia Prikazchikova.

The holiday action will also be held on December 19 and 20. Nail technicians of 16 Moscow salons of the network "Fingers" will make a free fashionable manicure and pedicure for mothers of special children.

Also, within the framework of cooperation of the Charity Foundation Gift to an Angel and the network of manicure and pedicure salons "Fingers" there is an action  until December 31 where every visitor can make a New Year gift to a disabled child, choosing one of the Christmas balls with the child's wish. Also from February 2017, part of the proceeds from the sale of cosmetic products in the salon will go to the Charity Foundation to help special children.



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