"Kind Tea" action
Today, the action "Kind Tea" begins, which the Foundation Gift to an Angel created together with Teaco tea and coffee Company ! continue reading...
#PorscheHeart is a charity project of the Porsche Club Russland and the Foundation Gift to an Angel about Love, which is always inside. continue reading...
LEFORM People help children!
The main concept-store of Moscow has launched the project LEFORM People. For its twenty-year history, LEFORM not only changed people's views through fashion, interior and contemporary art, but also created an amazing audience, loyal to charity and volunteerism. continue reading...
The charity sport flashmob of Just Food in support of the wards of the Foundation!
You like sports and can not imagine your own life without another training session? Today we are launching a global flashmob #charitysportchallenge, which was created to help the wards of the Foundation Gift to an Angel continue reading...
"We can not buy a construction set for you, because we spent all the money for treatment" - a new interview with the director general of the Foundation Anastasia Prikazchikova.
Tablet, orthopaedic chair, fireworks or a meeting with a star. How to become a real magician for a sick child - full version on the portal continue reading...
# Childreninplaceofflowers - how schoolchildren help special children!
On the 1st of September a charity Foundation "A gift to an Angel" took part in a large-scale all-Russian charity event #Childreninplaceofflowers. continue reading...
The site is devoted to the charity Foundation Gift to an Angel and to Hoverbot company
You have already seen the site devoted to the charity Foundation Gift to an Angel and the company Hoverbot. Follow the link - continue reading...
Round table "How business can benefit from cooperation with NPOs. Examples of successful cooperation"
On July 4, 2017 a round table on the issue "How business can benefit from cooperation with NPOs continue reading...
The first charitable celebrity run on self-balancing scooters!
On June 26, a unique charity event of the Children's Charity Foundation Gift to an Angel and the company Hoverbot took place. continue reading...
CF Gift to an Angel at the "Social Marketing and CSR" conference
On June 20 Children Charity Foundation Gift to an Angel participated in the IV International Conference "Social Marketing". continue reading...



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Dear Parents!
Информируем вас, что открыт приём заявок на прохождение курсов реабилитации в студии персональной реабилитации «Подарок Ангелу» для подопечных Москвы и МО. На данный момент и до января 2020 года мы не принимаем заявки на прохождение реабилитации от подопечных из других регионов. Сбор заявок для подопечных из других регионов будет открыт 15.01.2020.

Дорогие родители, обращаем Ваше внимание на то, что после получения помощи от фонда по любой из программ, повторно вы можете подать заявку только через полтора года. Например, если вы получили помощь по программе "реабилитация", но хотите подать теперь заявку на программу "помощь семьям", помощь будет оказана не раньше, чем через полтора года с момента получения помощи по программе "реабилитация".