Charitable project #ChocolateOfGood together with the chocolate factory "Confael"
10.04.2017, 20:20

About the project:

There are those who remember times when chocolate or candy were an incredible delicacy and the most desirable reward. Mothers used to procure this delight on the eve of holidays, hid it in the upper shelves of the cupboard and pantries, and children searched for the caches and ate secretly one candy or another. The biggest children's joy was to find a cache with sweets. Visits to kind grandmothers promised us a handful of favourite sweets. Today chocolate is a common thing, but we found a way to make it magical again, capable of doing little and big miracles!

Confael company is about people who fully shared our desire to make the wards of the Foundation Gift to an Angel a little happier! Buying a chocolate coloring book with an angel (the Gift to the Angel Foundation logo), you become a magician, because the proceeds from the sale of this chocolate will go to the implementation of the project "The main thing is to dream" for fulfilling the most cherished desires of the small wards of the Foundation.

For this project that we launch an action together with the company Confael, which received the same name! Now, buying chocolate with an angel from the company "Confael" in the frames of this project, you can help 12 wards of the Foundation Gift to Angel, because all the proceeds from the sale of chocolate will be distributed among children for fulfilling their most cherished dreams!

We believe that every child will wait for his Wizard! And YOU can become one of them!

And here are 5 angels who have already written their letters with wishes to us  and we will post the reports about them here as soon as Foundations are received! :) All the Foundations that will remain after the raising for these 5 kids will be distributed among the other wards of our Foundation with mandatory reports on!


Charitable Foundation

The project Gift to an Angel was founded on August 4, 2014 by a mother who is raising a special need baby to help children with cerebral palsy. The project was created to make the family with children with special needs a little happier. The founders know firsthand how hard it is sometimes for parents of such kids to find money for simple children's desires and needs: toys, construction kits, development textbooks, because all money, as a rule, goes to medicines and handicap devices. After a wide public response, caused by the project for a year of work, the staff decided to give the cause a second chance. Gift to an Angel was registered as the Charity Foundation Gift to an Angel, which successfully continues its activities and is today one of the most prominent charitable organizations in Russia. We have already fulfilled the dreams of more than 4000 Angels and continue to help children with cerebral palsy all over Russia.

Chocolate factory Confael

The factory "Confael"  produces elite chocolate for more than 16 years and always tries to support projects that help bring the good and the joy of magic to this world. And we are very happy that we can help anyone to become a good wizard for at least one minute in 2017. After all, in order to do this, it is enough just to buy our coloring book with the image of an angel. Just imagine: a few clicks - and one more happy child will appear on the planet!

Buy chocolate and help children



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