LEFORM People help children!
22.09.2017, 14:47

The main concept-store of Moscow has launched the project LEFORM People. For its twenty-year history, LEFORM not only changed people's views through fashion, interior and contemporary art, but also created an amazing audience, loyal to charity and volunteerism. During the evening, the Russian artist Gleb Solntsev, whose main theme is surfing, ocean and sun, made an exhibition of works of the "Line Up" series. The main partner and inspirer was the Charity Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy Gift to an Angel, in support of whom the auction was held. The picture "Golden sunrise" left indifferent no surfing fan! 


"You break my whole script, the girl was trying all night to write a script, to keep the intrigue, quoted Shakespeare, reread the volumes of Voznesensky, and you raise the rate immediately by 4 thousand" - popular VJ Alexander Anatolyevich could not restrain emotions when the auctions turned into fierce battle!! The painting was sold in just 7 minutes for 6.000 Euros, which will be transferred for the benefit of the wards of the charity Foundation Gift to an Angel.   

"LEFORM is an amazing place where style and fashion live, and its specific atmosphere reigns. We are very happy to find such a reliable partner and friend as the Foundation Gift to an Angel. Now the charity is reaching a completely new level, and the third sector is becoming a reliable partner to the business! During the evening we were visited by more than 400 guests, and no one remained indifferent! We all became part of a big business that can help children with cerebral palsy. I do not like highfalutin words, but if our efforts allowed us to fulfill at least one childhood dream, then we tried not in vain!" - buyer of the company Ksenia Mamontova.

 There were a lot of celebrities from show business and culture among the guests of the evening - the frontman of the group CHILI Irina Zabiyaka, show-men and TV host Andrey Malakhov, Russian rapper Ligalayz, Russian fashion designer and stylist Masha Tsigal, producer Tash Sargsyan, singer Danko.

"LEFORM has very quickly become not just a partner, but also a friend of the Foundation! It's great when a company not only realizes its social responsibility, but also teaches its customers to be loyal! The evening was saturated with a unique atmosphere! We are grateful to each participant for supporting this adventurous story! The evening was truly amazing, because with the help of each of the guests we were able to help the wards of the Foundation Gift to an Angel - the director general of the Foundation Anastasia Prikazchikova shares her impressions

The presenter of the evening was the legendary Alexander Anatolyevich "Each of us is able to do kind deeds, everyone can influence the course of events and change someone's life. Today it was enough to buy any item from the LEFORM, so that the dreams of the wards of the Foundation would fulfilled. I'm happy to be involved in such a big and important action!" 



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