The April Rehabilitation Partner Center was established in 2017 and uses modern international approaches to the rehabilitation of children with cerebral palsy. In this case, specific goals are consistently set and achieved in improving the physical condition of the child. The main method is physical therapy, which helps to shape social skills.

What we do

We help improve the quality of life of a child and family through the development of motor and social skills

With whom we work

With children from 2 to 18 years old with musculoskeletal disorder

How we work

2-3 classes per week in our center for 2-3 months, parent training for self-studying at home

What skills we help to develop


Large and fine motor skills, walking, manipulations with objects


Thinking, learning, problem solving, attention


Speech, nonverbal cues, ability to make choices, listening, understanding others

Social and emotional

Food, dressing up, playing together, interacting with others

The main tasks that are solved by the team of specialists of the center "April" working with our beneficiaries:


The development of motor functions, the development of fine motor skills

Often, children with cerebral palsy cannot do the things we are familiar with: hold a spoon, open the door, press a button on a smartphone, sit down, make steps. We work on improvement of the quality of children's life.


The control of red flags

Work on the manifestation of the symptoms of the disease as the child grows older: dislocation of the hip joint, contracture (limitation of joint mobility), spasticity (painful cramps), insomnia, joint pain, etc.


Social adaptation

Development of speech skills through the work with a speech therapist, work with a psychologist, socialization of a child, involvement in inclusive events

Our goals in work

Rehabilitation in cerebral palsy is a continuous learning/retraining of a child’s brain. Therefore, it is impossible to conduct in courses

The main goals are not medical, but social. Medicine is a method of achieving a goal, but not the goal itself

Cerebral palsy is a multiple disorders, so a multidisciplinary team of specialists works with a child

The team in its work relies on proven methods and international protocols

What is the uniqueness of the project

Strictly international protocols, scales and standards — there are still very few such clinics in the post-Soviet space

Work within evidence-based medicine — the methods are based on clear evidence of efficacy and safety from clinical trials

The team has all the rehabilitation specialists, so the amount of necessary assistance can be obtained in one place

Multidisciplinarity — the patient is led by a team of specialists who together develop tactics and exchange information

Patient and family involvement in setting rehabilitation goals

There are coordinators who are in touch with the family and represent the interests of the patient in the team

Own training center - since there are no methods in Russia and no training system for specialists, we have opened our own training center



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