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Bulatov Nikita
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  • Age: 7 y.o
  • Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy, lower paraparesis
  • Dream: "RC "Sakura" rehabilitation center
  • Program: Реабилитации
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Because of the difficult labour, Nikita was born almost dead. Then he had cardiac resuscitation, cerebral hemorrhage, plasma transfusion. The chief doctor said: "If he lives for another 7-9 days - he will survive, otherwise he will die." Nikita survived. From the day of discharge Nikita is fighting for a full life, for childhood without pain. The negligence of doctors stole the boy's childhood. Nikitka needs constant qualified rehabilitation. The treatment gave good results. Nikita has already received more than 10 rehabilitations, after which the boy had an interest in cartoons, began to say a few words, thumbed through books, looking at pictures, to sit at the pedestal, to walk with support.



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