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Semyanova Vasilisa
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  • Age: 3 y.o
  • Diagnosis: Spastic tetraplegia
  • Dream: comprehensive rehabilitation
  • Program: Скрытые
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Vasilisa was born at 37 weeks of pregnancy with a very small weight – 1911 grams, 43 cm tall – due to a chronic eating disorder. The fact that the difficulties would continue, the parents knew even before giving birth according to the results of intrauterine studies and they were ready for long-term treatment. After being discharged from the hospital on the 8th day, a series of hospitals began – the girl continued to lose weight, she received blood transfusions twice. It was fed through a probe. Then there was an operation to remove inguinal hernias and it seemed that the worst was over – the baby learned to hold her head, eat from a spoon, the doctors removed the catheter from her hand and the main interest of the girl was not treatment, but bright toys. By the new year, they and their mother were discharged home. But just a couple of weeks later Vasilisa fell ill with pneumonia – rapidly and difficult, there was clinical death and coma, 21 days on a ventilator. After that, the girl stopped recognizing her mother, did not react to external stimuli, bedsores appeared after resuscitation. Doctors diagnosed "Spastic tetraplegia, mental and speech development delay is a consequence of hypoxic–ischemic damage to the central nervous system." Over the past year since the diagnosis, Vasilisa has undergone 4 full-fledged rehabilitation, constantly engaged with physical therapy instructors, a psychologist, a speech therapist, a physiotherapist. She needs to continue her studies in order to recover and take her first steps.



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