Round table "How business can benefit from cooperation with NPOs. Examples of successful cooperation"
05.07.2017, 14:17

On July 4, 2017 a round table on the issue "How business can benefit from cooperation with NPOs Examples of successful cooperation" was held in the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation.   The event was organized by the Charity Foundation for Children with Cerebral Palsy Gift to an Angel and the Commission of the Russian Federation for the Development of the Non-profit Sector and Support to Socially-oriented NPOs.


The issue of interaction between business and NPOs in solving social problems is not new. It is regularly raised in the frames of different conferences, competitions and researches. This allows to monitor the dynamics of changes in the relationships between business companies and non-profit organizations. On the one hand, we see a gradual transition from the relationship "source of money" - "suppliant" to the relationship of mutual interest and partnership. On the other hand, we see the emergence of new forms and mechanisms of interaction, which are becoming interesting to an increasing number of organizations under conditions of economic crisis. The key moment of transition to partnerships of business and NPOs is understanding partners' motives and each other's needs.



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