"Kind Tea" action
24.01.2018, 23:00

Today, the action "Kind Tea" begins, which the Foundation  Gift to an Angel created together with Teaco tea and coffee Company ! Everyone who helps a special child Yaroslav Voronkov with more than 1000 rubles will receive  "Kind Tea" as a gift from the company Teaco. 3 different tea flavors will embrace and warm you during cold autumn days!

Yaroslav was born on April 24, 2013 premature, on the 33d week with a weight of 1885 grams and a height of 44 cm. Immediately after birth, the boy was connected to an artificial lung ventilation device and transferred to the intensive care unit. Yaroslav was connected to this device for 4 days, after he was transferred to the department of premature babies, in which he spent 1 month. He was diagnosed with spastic tetraparesis, the threat of cerebral palsy was evideneced in 6 months. After the rehabilitation courses, the boy has a positive dynamics of development of motor functions. Yaroslav needs constant rehabilitation, as the baby grows very fast and the muscles do not have time to catch up. If the therapy is interrupted, the boy will forget quickly everything that he has been taught.

Everyone can become a wizard!


Pick up your gift from our office in Moscow, metro station Serpukhovskaya, or get it from the Post of Russia at the expense of the recipient.

For all questions concerning the action, please contact Eugenia by 8 (919) 109-33-58



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