The charity sport flashmob of Just Food in support of the wards of the Foundation!
21.09.2017, 15:05

You like sports and can not imagine your own life without another training session? Today we are launching a global flashmob #charitysportchallenge, which was created to help the wards of the Foundation Gift to an Angel

To make the dream of a special child come true, you can do any exercise (squats, lunges, burpees) several times, upload the video in your account and put the hashtag #charitysportchallenge. 

Each exercise, whether it's push-up or pull-up, will be equal to one ruble. Let's repeat, one push-up = one ruble! The sum of the exercises that we will make all together will be transferred to the wards of the Foundation! Once again?

1. Make a video with your exercises 2. Post it in your account with the hashtag #charitysportchallenge and always specify the account @podarok_angelu and the sponsor account 3. Follow the progress of the action and reports on the assistance rendered in the account @podarok_angelu Important! To track all flashmob participants and the number of the exercises made, your account must have the public status for the duration of the flash mob!



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    В связи с техническими работами с 16 по 29 января телефон может работать с перебоями.

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