About the Foundation

The Gift-to-an-Angel Foundation was started in August 2014 by a mother of a child with a disability. Her goal was to help other children with cerebral palsy and their families. The founder knew from own experience about the difficulties such families experienced in providing for children's simple wishes - such as toys, developmental textbooks and kits, while most of the available money was dedicated to medical treatment expenses.
Since it started her initiative received wide public support. Encouraged by the success of the effort and seeing the positive impact it makes in the lives of children and their families, the founding team decided to formalize their effort by registering the Gift-to-an-Angel charitable foundation. Gift-to-an-Angel continues to pursue its original mission and today is one of the most prominent charitable foundations in Russia.


Anastasia Prikazchikova
Ekaterina Markushina
Manager for special projects
Evgeniya Serikova
PR - manager
Elvira Baloyants
Manager for work with families
Gift-to-an-Angel Foundation's purpose is to ensure that children who encountered the hardships brought upon by the health limitations, would fully experience the unconditional joys of childhood. We are a young foundation. Our staff and advisors are a group of very engaged people genuinely looking to help. Each child, whom we support - means the world to all of us.
We aim to consider all the needs of the families of the Angels whom we serve. Our focus is to help not only with the one-time gifts, but to partner with families to provide a continuous spectrum of contributions, whether through material support, organizational resources, or through an advice in any of the areas our friends and trustees are experts in.


Марина Геворкян
The Board member
Генеральный директор и владелец «Сноб Медиа»
Elena Nikolaeva
The Board member
Journalist, TV presenter of "Russia" TV channel, author of "Expert" magazine, interviewer of "Snob" magazine, writer
Теона Дольникова
The Board member
Актриса театра и кино, певица
Nadya Ruchka
The Board member
Actress, singer, poetess
Jeanne Epple
The Board member
Actress of theatre and cinema, TV presenter
Irina Ortman
The Board member
Singer, TV presenter, actress, vocal teacher
Sergey Kutergin
The Board member
Comedy Club Resident
Dmitry Chugunov
The Board member
Member of the Public Chamber of Russia Founder of the project stop a douchebag project
Yamanov Artem
The Board member
Senior Vice President of Tinkoff Bank
Vladislav Malenko
The Board member
Founder of the Poetry theatre
Darya Khramtsova
The Board member
Russian actress, founder of the cinema school "Deti Kino"
George Zhukov
The Board member
Producer, showman, director
Nesterov Dmitry
The Board member
Actor and musician
Galina Tikhonova
The founder of the project "Gift to the Angel"
Mom of a beautiful special baby

Our Friends

Katerina Kalimanova
Anna Kovalenko
Kseniya Fateeva
Markus Lodoh
Anastasiya Onishko
Liliya Alikova
Nataliya Shulina
Anna Mehanoshina
Teo Bleyd
Yulia Velichanskaya
Dima Dizil
Den & Keyt Shketovi
Elizaveta Klaude
Al'bina Topol'skaya
Taya Kozhina
Ul'yana Berdisheva
Zlata Zhukova



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